All About Bacon


Provide Excellence in Food, Service, and Environment for Distinctive Experiences


1. Food:  Use only the highest quality, farm fresh food and ingredients

2. Service:  Delight our customers with superior service  

3. Environment:  Create engaging environments…for Distinctive Experiences  

Bacon Bros. Public House - Greenville, SC

Serial entrepreneurs Eric Bergelson and Mike Porter, along with Chef Anthony Gray and Jason Callaway, are the Bacon Brothers. Porter and Bergelson decided to branch into the restaurant business and teamed-up with Gray and Callaway in 2012. In one of their early meetings, Callaway brought bacon he had fried that morning at home and transported it in a mason jar that he placed in the center of the table where they were gathered. The four men started snacking and talking about their love of bacon. As the pieces quickly disappeared, they realized they had a concept and name for their new restaurant. 

Chef Gray knows how the land connects to food, and how food connects people. He spent an outdoorsy, idyllic childhood in Macon, Georgia, fishing and hunting with his father and absorbing a general familial emphasis on cooking and sharing food. And it’s this love of the land—and personal understanding of where food comes from—that Gray brings to his role as executive chef at Bacon Bros. Public House in Greenville, S.C.  


Houston Entrepreneur Travis Cook has had a lifelong love affair with food and hospitality. From hosting iron-chef parties at his family’s house in high school to taking classes at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, California, he has always had a passion for quality food and taking care of people. Deciding his passion would be more of a hobby, he set out for a career in finance. Cook’s work regularly took him to Greenville, SC where he quickly fell in love with Bacon Brothers. Cook became a Bacon Brothers regular, despite living halfway across the country in Houston, Texas. He met Bacon Brothers’ Director of Operations Jason Callaway when he celebrated his birthday at the restaurant in 2015. After getting to know one another and discussing Bacon Brothers’ plans for expansion, Cook realized that his passion for food and hospitality didn’t have to be just a hobby. His next trip to Greenville was for a meeting with the rest of the Bacon Brothers team to discuss bringing the concept to Texas. The group decided that the straightforward, made-from-scratch, meat focused restaurant would be a great fit for the Lone Star State. After almost a year of site-searching, the group found the perfect spot in Sugar Land, Texas.

The last missing piece was finding the Chef de Cuisine. Cook met Houston Chef Joseph Zerwas by happenstance at an auto repair shop when they were both having some car trouble. They got to talking and discovered their shared love of bacon. Cook quickly realized that Zerwas was the perfect chef to bring the culinary side of Bacon Brothers to the Houston area. Cook and Zerwas loaded up the truck and drove to South Carolina where they spent two months learning everything there is to know about Bacon Brothers from Executive Chef Anthony Gray and Director of Operations Jason Callaway. Cook and Zerwas soaked up the Bacon Brothers’ values: serving only the highest quality, farm fresh food and ingredients in an engaging, warm environment with superior service. The whole Bacon Brothers team is excited to bring these values and this experience to Sugar Land, Texas.